Bouncing Betty

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: The Generation

Bouncing Betty has always been a tomboy. Chalk that up to the name Elliot. Growing up there wasn’t a sport Elliot didn’t play, and play aggressively. Much to the chagrin of most the boys in her life.

After school, and a year of college she went looking for the military. They were less excited than she was. In the boys-only club she was stuck with a job loading ammunition for the war efforts. An occupation that didn’t sit well with the rash, excitable woman, or her abilities. One day while stuffing ammo, she supercharged a whole line of finished bullets with plasmic energy and nearly exploded the whole warehouse.

From then on, Elliot—referring to herself as Bouncing Betty—has made a career of playing by her own fly-by-the-seat-of-her-britches rules.

After The Generation formed accepted the young Mintonette, Elliot has formed a sisterly bond with her. They’ve also found a way to combine their abilities: Elliot charging a volleyball with plasma and Chanaka firing them toward targets across larger spaces at blinding speeds.


Name: Elliot Webb
Nationality: American
Blood Type: B+
Affiliation: The Generation
Location: Pittsburgh, PA / S.S. Tizona

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