Captain Fitzroy

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: The Generation

Hugh Fitzroy is the perfect definition of an “old salt.” As a boy in Ireland he would sail boats, and worked as a fisherman. The first chance he got, he signed up for the Royal Navy and when he left her Majesty’s fleet, he moved directly into captaining commercial freighters and cruise ships.

The work kept him on the water, but the old sea dog still had some bite left in him, so when The Generation sought a captain for their Great White Cruise Ship-slash-bunkhouse-slash-warship, Fitzroy knew he was the Captain for the job.

He’s always on the ship, and is very protective of her.


Name: Hugh Fitzroy
Nationality: Irish
Blood Type: AB+
Affiliation: The Generation
Location: S.S. Tizona

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