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Alliance: CapeAlliance: CowlAlliance: MilitaryAlliance: Mercenary

A common game played by young kids and variation of the good versus evil theme—like “Cops and Robbers”—is “Capes and Cowls” where kids who choose to be Capes are the heroes, and Cowls are the villains. Accordingly, in the day to day descriptions of science heroes, they are most commonly referred to as Capes (forces of good) and Cowls (forces of villainy). In addition to this, there also military alliances, which are science heroes enlisted in the military forces of their home nations and also mercenaries whose only allegiance is to cash. They don’t follow of the ideals of good or evil and might be both in order to make profit.


Epoch: The GenerationEpoch: The Descendants

Epochs are the eras in which the Cape, Cowl, or otherwise was most prominent, their halcyon days. They may have been active in more than one (and likely were) but they will certainly have had more regard in one.

The Generation epoch (or era) is regarded as the golden age of Capes, where heroes were true, and infallible. This roughly spanned from the Jazz Age up through the end of The Cold War and Cape Riots.

The Descendants are the epoch that follow the Cape Riots, at a point when science hero hysteria and distrust is at an all time high. It’s a scary world for Capes, and many of the Generation have retired, passed on or gone into hiding. The new Generation, is tainted and jaded.

For more on chronology, please the chronology page.


Faction: The GenerationFaction: SeraphimFaction: The Bone CollectorsFaction: Prohibition PartyFaction: The WovenFaction: The DescendantsFaction: None (lone wolf)

Several factions exist within the Cape and Cowl communities. These include teams, organisations, friends, corporations, etc. The most prominent of course, being The Generation. There are far too many to list here, but major ones have been provided for reference.

The Generation is the end all be all for Capes, and kids grow up dreaming of being one.

The Seraphim is a small vigilante group based out of The City of Angels, led by former cop and private eye, The Halo.

The Bone Collectors is comprised of three scoundrels who are bad to the bone.

The Prohibition Party is much less a superhero team, as a bunch of Capes that would rather use their abilities to live life on the gilt-edge. A bunch of no-good, self-possessed hedonists. It was like a theme party that never ended.

The Woven are rogues that constantly run afoul The Wingtip. Total fops. Total bastards.

The Descendants are the next generation of Capes, rising from the ashes of The Generation.

Then of course, there are the lone wolves who claim only friendship with me, myself and I.

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