Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Seraphim

A member of the Seraphim. While many believe a cherub to be the baby faced angel, according to Hebrew belief a cherub is an angel of four faces: human, lion, ox, and gryphon. These faces peering from the center of four wings. That describes Riley Stewart, metaphorically speaking of course.

Riley was, in a past life, a coutroom reporter and stenographer. Here, she kept audience with both the guilty and the innocent. Even though her job was simply to document and report the facts, she became a great judge of character. She saw many she deemed guilty go free. She saw many innocents get punished. Her ire followed the guilty; her compassion the innocent. For Riley Stewart, ire and compassion were more than intangible emotions.

Riley is made up of totemic auras related to the Cherub: human, lion, ox, gryphon. She is also an accuser, able to test the resolve of those around her. Those that pass her tests, are imbued with her totemic gifts. Those that fail, curses.

The lion positively represents stealth, and depending on whomever receive this gift, manifests differently; negatively, irrelevance.

The ox positively represents strength, power; negatively, stubborness.

The gryphon positively represents protection, aegis; negatively, obsession and greed.

The human represents mortality and death.

Riley was mostly unaware of the aura, and that it was indeed affecting anyone. That was until she drew the attention of The Halo. With his own ability to discern guilt from innocence, many of the condemned innocents that drew Riley’s attention, also drew The Halo’s as he explored corruption in the city. The Halo watched innocent men survive prison riots, guilty men suffer all too coincidental deaths, ruin. He noticed as those who put away innocent men were put away themselves and then murdered in prison. Being a vigilante himself, The Halo concluded it was the work of another. He investigated at length, anyone involved with these cases. The only constant seemed to be the court reporter, Riley Stewart. The Halo shone bright.


Name: Riley Stewart
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O-
Affiliation: The Seraphim
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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