The Generation is exactly that—the original generation of science heroes—golden, shining examples of what it means to be a hero. Valiant, heroic individuals using their unusual and unbelievable skills and abilities to protect the well being of others. The Generation were the greatest team of heroes ever put together. Whenever and wherever safety was threatened, it was The Generation that stood to protect it. That was, until The Cape Riots when they tore themselves apart.

For the duration of their existence, The Generation’s base of operations was a repurposed “Great White Cruise Ship”—The S.S. Tizona— that as more scientific members joined their ranks was outfitted with state of the art technology. It was sunk during The Cape Riots.

  • Nalanda: Part One – Clarence “Puddin” Lane, an unsettling, and deviously intelligent arsonist waits patiently inside the belly of Alcatraz for the day he will escape.

THE CAPE RIOTS: Fiddling While the Fires Burn

The destruction of The Generation, at their own hands. Heroes divided, villains loosed. The end of it all.

The Cape Riots, simply put, came about as The Generation and other Capes turned against one another. While it was them who ultimately undid themselves, the riots were not without an instigator: Paint-by-Numbers. A mysterious man who using a secret code of verbal and non-verbal gestures tuned to unique individuals, could “suggest” they do his bidding. A form of mind control through intelligence and expression.

By the time Numbers was through, he had created a rift between former allies, friends and even family. Resolutions on culpability for collateral damage and rehabilitation versus permanent removal of serious repeat offenders (Cowls) could not be found. Disagreement turned into active conflict.

One of Numbers’ favourite pawns, the man known as Kettle, was instrumental in further escalation. He broke into prisons aiming to kill all the criminals The Generation had put away. It back-fired thanks to Numbers and all the Cowls were loosed on innocent cities.

Waging war against themselves and having to deal with all the Cowls they’ve ever faced hunting for revenge… cities, civilians, The Generation itself, all burned.


From the ashes of The Cape Riots rose The Descendants. A new era of hero. Some, the same men and women, tarnished; others inheritors of mantles, more still, just an evolution of heroism. Imperfect, flawed. The Descendants have banded together to fill the void of The Generation.

  • The Man Who Couldn’t Be Stopped – On the Seattle Waterfront, a young man is confronted with his changing world and body by the worn, old reality of the man he used to admire. The man once called The Conductor.
  •  The Mark 00: A Free Man – A mysterious man is released from prison, to a world, hellish in its societal countenance.
  •  The Gravity of Blood – Die Schimare is approached by a mysterious voice at the end of a phone to hunt down missing goods. The German has little interest until he realises these missing goods is a woman he knows all too well. The journey to recover his step-sister will take him from Berlin to Pacific City Australia across the paths of madmen, lunatics and sadists alike.

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