Cuba Libre

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Prohibition Party

Héctor was always a bright one. Bookish, inquisitive and imaginative. Growing up he dreamed about being a novelist. He also had passions for music, and painting. Physical activity only stood to get in the way of all that. He had no interest in sports, or many of the other activities the neighbourhood boys did.

Yet, strangely the once diminutive boy just kept growing, getting bigger, stronger, faster. He became the physical envy of all the other young men. It aggravated him greatly. Worse still, he just kept growing. To a level deemed improbable.

Political unrest in the government did sit well with the gentle giant, and so he fled to Mexico,  just as a means to get closer to U.S. and his dreams of being a writer. In order to make wages, Héctor finally relented to his physical prowess and began wrestling in the burgeoning national lucha libre organisation.

Both Héctor (calling himself Habañhero) and the organisation blew up. Héctor became a national celebrity. It wasn’t the fame he wanted, though. His passions were still in the arts. After a few years he ran again, landing in Miami, Florida.

There, Héctor was again back amongst his countrymen, but he had felt so out of touch back in Cuba, and in Miami as well. The Cuba Libre movement was something that he could never identify with. So, the big man with the big heart moved again, landing in Spanish Harlem. It was a renaissance of arts, and Spanish culture, and the former wrestler who was a beautiful soul was quite the spectacle.

Enough to bring The Prohibition Party calling. He is lauded for his poetry, painting and writing. The idea of this giant, skilled pugilist—ironically referred to as Cuba Libre—with the heart and passions of a true artiste is seen as quite the spectacle.


Name: Héctor Saavedra
Nationality: Cuban
Blood Type: O+
Affiliation: The Prohibition Party.
Location: Harlem, NY. Miami, FL (formerly), Cancun, Mexico (formerly), Havana, Cuba (formerly).

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