Alliance: MercenaryEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Prohibition Party

The rum-runner and the cop who chased him.

Theodore Rollins was originally a rum runner during prohibition. He controlled many of the routes out of Ontario, over the river into Detroit and from there into New York and much of the Northeast.

Eleanor Munroe was the detective in charge of catching him. She was good, one of the best. She had elbowed many of his goons, sergeants, and buyers. Over this time, she had compiled enough information on him to set up a sting operation to finally catch her man.

It went off without a hitch. Rollins was caught off guard, and the blues descended. They slapped the handcuffs on him, dragged him into the station. He underwent a gruelling interrogation at the hands of Munroe, trying to get enough information to shut the whole ring down. The entire time Rollins never broke a sweat, never dropped his grin, like he knew the arrest wouldn’t stick.

Rollins, who had the nickname “The Door” was as big as a set of double doors. So, imagine Munroe’s surprise when he just disappeared from a guarded precinct room. At first Munroe suspected he had bribed the guards, but after investigation, guessed he was a science hero, a Cowl. That would at least explain his elusiveness. This seemed probable to the cop who herself was a Cape.

Over the next year, Rollins would prove far less elusive, going out of his way to run into the cop. Social gatherings, busts, even at home, Theodore would force interactions with the cop. He was quite smitten with her. Slowly she was becoming smitten with him, too. Though she wouldn’t admit it. Over time she gave up on arresting him. She claimed it was impossible even if she could catch him, but the truth is, she didn’t really want to. He was very charming for a crook after all.

Eventually, Rollins brokered a tryst in New York City, away from Munroe’s jurisdiction. The two fell in love. It was inevitable. The man who could disappear into the darkness, and the woman who was a fury of light and sound were entirely kismet. There was nothing that could keep cop from crook.

Rollins went back to being a rum-runner, and Munroe a cop, but instead of a deadly game of cat and mouse, it became a game of complicity, Munroe covering up her tracks, and Rollins mitigating violence surrounding his trade.

Eventually Rollins became the alcohol supplier for science hero hedonists, The Prohibition Party. With that Rollins and Munroe became frequent guests at the parties as Dark & Stormy, often to escape their daily charade and resume their torrid romance.


Name: Theodore “The Door” Rollins (D), Eleanor “Ellie” Munroe (S)
Nationality: Canadian
Blood Type: O+ (D), A+ (S)
Affiliation: The Prohibition Party
Location: Toronto, Ontario, CN

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