Die Schimare I

Alliance: CowlEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

In hopes to stem the tide against the Allied Forces and their growing use of science heroes, The Nazis began investigating genetics and technology in order to find, create or replicate science heroes.

One of those Programs was the Schimare Infantryware programme. Run by Alfons Witt and his genius, industrialist son, Grendel Witt.

Inspired by American, Gravelpounder, they attempted to craft an armour that was light, flexible, that would protect from limited small-arms fire as well as improve the wearer’s physical attributes to superhuman levels.

The process was a relative success at the end of a dismal trail. They built an armour, and it did everything they had hoped. It just couldn’t be mass-produced and was only worn by a handful of soldiers.

The two Witts left in their wake a trail of corpses, medical mishaps and horrible scientific travesties, which culminated in Alfons’ suicide (gunshot to the head) when the Nazi regime collapsed.

After the war, four of the soldiers wearing the armour disappeared into the world after the Nazi Party dissolved. All suffer from great psychological and neurological. This has created a handful of imbalanced, unstable men who can’t fit well within in society and are considered violent and extremely dangerous. Their whereabouts are currently unknown. The fifth suit was considered lost during the war.


Name: Various (designed by Grendel and Alfons Witt)
Nationality: German
Blood Type: Various
Affiliation: (formerly) Nazi Party
Location: Germany

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