Die Schimare II

Alliance: CapeEpoch: DescendantsFaction: None

Son of infamous German industrialist Grendel Witt, Dedrick was raised around advanced mechanics and showed great promise in those areas earning him the favor of his father over his two other siblings (all of separate mothers).

After some time Grendel met Aricka Samuelson, a half-German, half-Norweigen film starlet, and the Witt household quickly dissolved in epic tales of excess including drugs, sex, infamy. While away studying in Switzerland (as well as the American eastern seaboard), Dedrick’s sister Fiona was born.

Aricka almost died giving birth Fiona and Grendel was convinced the child wasn’t his. The guilt and embarrassment of the birth and dissolving marriage being played out constantly in the newspapers consumed Grendel.

One Fiona’s third birthday, as the mansion filled with guests, Grendel hung himself.

Despondent, and alone Dedrick retired from life and began to waste away in the Berlin mansion, the only thing left to him. He was the brilliant, but wayward son of the destructive Grendel Witt.

Eventually Dedrick himself stumbled across the ghosts of his familiy’s past as well as the mania it induced in his father; he stumbled across Schimare.

The Schimare-Infantryware was a prototype military armor for the Nazi military that both Grendel and his father Alfons worked on together as loyalists to the party. The two Witts lieft in their wake a trail of corpses and horrible scientific travesties, which culminated in Alfons’ suicide (gunshot to the head) when the Nazi regime collapsed.

With the suicide of his father (which Dedrick himself attributed to Aricka) fresh in his mind, and the new horrific revelations of his family’s past, Dedrick was crippled with guilt, anger and rage.

He slowly built up his own industrial empire, focusing on humanitarian technologies, and becoming a public figure for cleaner and better manufacturing practices. However, he could not be sated. An emotional wreck, tormented by his broken father’s ghosts, and without any family to speak of, Dedrick sllipped into a mania much like his father and grandfather before him. It consumed him, and it manifested one night when he tried to redeem the Schimare armor with one of his own.

That night the hero die Schimare was born. Dedrick used it to protect the German streets from all kinds of low to mid-level criminals and terrorists for a solid fifteen years. He grew into a cult-phenomenon and Dedrick and Schimare began to slow merge into a single entity. Unfortunately, that merger brought the emotional instability to the street-level hero.

The Schimare armor is a tensile alloy, fitted with a propulsion unit that allows for limited flight. The armor can protect Dedrick from most weaponry and arms fire as well as limited environmental extremes, but would not be too effective against superhuman attacks of any great force. The suit also “over-corrects” human tangibility compensating for Witt’s advanced age, putting him in the same physical realm as a man in peak physical form twenty years his junior. Weapons of choice are throwing knives of his own design and a limited-use, cool-burning, energy whip that needs to be routinely recharged.


Name: Dedrick Witt
Nationality: German
Blood Type: O+
Affiliation: None
Location: Berlin, Germany


H.H. Neville


The Gravity of Blood (Artifice Comics Re-issue) – FeatureE-book

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