Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: The Generation

While not a super-powered Cape, Lionel “Fool” Hardy could never be described as cowardly. He joined The Generation as the first recruit to come in after its foundation along with Mintonette. He did so at barely seventeen, and quickly became a favourite, adored by everyone, teammates and public alike. None moreso than the man he idolised growing up, Denny Graves aka, Gravelpounder.

Known for his immense skill of deduction, intuition and reading the minutest changes in voice and body language, it made him a master of mimickry. It did not make him very imposing physically. Which was something that Denny Graves, the Olympic hopeful was more than willing to assist the young man with.


Name: Lionel “Fool” Hardy
Nationality: American
Blood Type: A+
Affiliation: The Generation
Location: S.S. Tizona

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