Frost Hollow

Alliance: CowlEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

Eunice Frost was once one of the worlds greatest explorers. She has lead explorations across seas and up the tallest mountains; she has braved scorching deserts and rebuffed the frozen arctic.

A little known secret to her success was that was no ordinary woman. Eunice had the ability to replicate and control any like elements that she could touch, including developing an immunity. If she came into contact with snow, she would become snow, control it. Mountainous rock, black cold seas, the rays of the sun, all the same.

Unfortunately on one of her arctic expeditions, deep into the snowy nothingness, a massive icicle from way above broke loose. Eunice didn’t see the foreign object coming and it smashed into her spine and nervous system. It would have killed anyone else. In order to overcome the foreign object, her brain began to adapt her body to match the icicle. It worked, keeping her alive, but her frayed neural network got frozen as adapted to the ice. She hasn’t been able to adapt to anything since. This has left her cold, bitter, matching her new, permanent frozen form.


Name: Eunice Frost
Nationality: Canadian
Blood Type: O-
Affiliation: None
Location: Calgary, Ontario, Canada / Worldwide

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