Alliance: MercenaryEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Prohibition Party

Thurman Woodford has always lived for the con. At university, he was a cardsharp and ran shell games. This got him tossed from school, but he made a habit of travelling from campus to campus doing the same thing, sampling all the women and booze he could along the way.

Where he never graduated from school, his efforts did. Using his ability to tell anyone exactly when and how they will die. It was quite easy to con people out of their hard earned money as a spiritist and fortune teller. The details were quite frankly accurate, but they didn’t need to be. He was charming, delightfully, and cunning. All dangerous in the hands of a career conman.

He used these skills to make a name for himself entertaining bored socialites. This gave him unobstructed access to excess, riches and all the parties he could handle, which, in truth were numerous.

At one of these gatherings he met Rosalie Hannigan. He was enraptured, by her beauty, tricks and lust for drink. They had much in common. The two quickly fell into a Bacchanalian love-affair anchored around their mentalist act, Death in the Afternoon.

They were an absolute hit on the tri-state socialite scene, and soon were admitted into the ultra-private Prohibition Party as Hemingway (Woodford) and Sidecar (Hannigan).


Name: Thurman Woodford
Nationality: American
Blood Type: A+
Affiliation: The Prohibition Party. In addition, one half of the mentalist act: Death in the Afternoon
Location: Buffalo, NY.

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