Alliance: MercenaryEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Prohibition Party

Fitch Wharton has always been a giant amongst men. A superman. Physically gifted, classically handsome, an air of mystery and inheritor to a steel fortune. He was even paramour to the famous Rainier Cherry for some years. The man bleeds Upper East Side and the steel that built it.

He has little care in the world, and his days are consumed with his riches, and the posh Prohibition Party gatherings of other bored socialites. During these gatherings, the privileged and apathetic, the rich and famous demonstrate their skills, talents and powers to try and stir passion back into their predictable cocktails that is life.

Manhattan delights his companions with the ability to fuse any two inorganic materials together. It could be said he manipulates industry in his hands. With his slightly bitter sense of humour, this often yields rather devious results, often making some sardonic social commentary.


Name: Fitch Wharton
Nationality: Irish-American
Blood Type: A+
Affiliation: The Prohibition Party. One-time lover to model/entertainer Rainier Cherry (Cherry & Manhattan)
Location: New York, NY.

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