Minnie the Moocher

Alliance: CowlEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

Minnie The Moocher is actually Lena Lunceford. Lena was a bit of a party girl; a sensuality to match her fiery red hair which isn’t so important except to say she was red hot mama. She’d be the kinda girl who’d get good men in trouble, if she didn’t find so much of it for herself, ya dig?

A swindler as wild as her hips. She’s got attraction like magnets, got the lads all sweltering. Promising love for cash, getting plenty but giving none.


Name: Lena Lunceford
Nationality: Irish
Blood Type: O-
Affiliation: Minnie The Moocher, A Bloke Named Smokey and “The King of Sweden.”
Location: East Egg, NY

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