The Generation is exactly that—the original generation of Capes [science heroes]—golden, shining examples of what it means to be a hero.

The mission of The Generation: A Shared Continuity Superhero Fiction Magazine is quite simply, to write superhero ficiton.

Less simply it’s a modern-day magazine or anthology for superhero fiction writers to sit down and write their creations. The emphasis here is on sharing. The world inhabited by these heroes is living, breathing. Every serial, every short story, every passing reference builds upon the timeline established by other writers; every flutter of a butterfly’s wings sends ripples across the world these heroes share.

All characters in The Generation project are available to any of its writers; if a writer has a great idea for any of the countless heroes (or their supporting casts), they are encouraged to just write it. Not one writer “owns” a character. Each writer is encouraged to take ownership of the world and help steward that world toward an amazing, rich and fertile environment for creativity.


To help accommodate this structure of “crowd-sourced creativity” The Generation has been built upon a sliding scale timeline, structured on major epochs. As of launch, those epochs include “The Generation” and “The Descendants.”

Valiant, heroic individuals using their unusual and unbelievable skills and abilities to protect the well being of others. The Generation were the greatest team of heroes ever put together. Whenever and wherever safety was threatened, it was The Generation that stood to protect it.

The Generation: your good old days of superheroes, daring and brave men and women; golden, shining examples by which all will be measured. This epoch started with the arrival of the first public science hero—or Cape—and ended after The Cape Riots.

From the ashes of The Cape Riots rose The Descendants. A new era of hero. Some, the same men and women, tarnished; others inheritors of mantles, more still, just an evolution of heroism. Imperfect, flawed. The Descendants have banded together to fill the void of The Generation.

The Descendants: Capes were left fractured, isolated at their own hands after The Cape Riots. Wounds cut deep and bleed long. Even when the healing began, scars remained. Some Capes clawed back into action, some left it to the next generation, hurt and afraid; even more turned their backs on the people they swore to protect.

These epochs (and the ones to come later) can all be written in, and about at any given time, by any writer working to build a comprehensive yet agile timeline. One week a reader could read Foolhardy’s admission into The Generation, and the next week, his death at the hands of his arch-nemesis. For more on the ever-shifting timeline, visit our Chronology.


At present there are a potential 200 characters ready to be inserted into the site’s canon, but that should hardly be adequate! We would love to have more!

Writers are encouraged to strengthening and build upon the site’s existing continuity but that doesn’t mean it has to be with an existing character. Sometimes the best way to strengthen continuity is by inserting someone new into it. Writers are encouraged to add their own creations into the world. The ranks of The Generation (and Descendants, etc.) are shifting and constantly changing just like the site’s timeline, as are the villain ranks, and the other Cape groups around the globe.

Even if a character or concept seems “too similar” writers should feel encouraged to share their ideas. After all, if we’re talking randomly developed superpowers, I can’t imagine only one person developing teleportation! Remember, this sharing of idea can only help to inspire fellow writers and engage readers.

For an encyclopaedic rundown of our growing list of characters, please consult the numerous bios in our Characters section.

Keeping with its philosophy of sharing, the biggest creative hub for The Generation is this blog, which will contain a majority of the stories written, all for free. However, periodical e-book anthologies will be delivered through the usual avenues.

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