Pot & Kettle

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: The Generation

English twins Grayson and Francis Filmore were both born blind, on the crux of midnight, one in day and the other in night. This dualism has forever shaped the two: Grayson (Pot), is the fair, unbiased judge. Francis (Kettle), is fairly radical, not believing in grey areas, but black and white. This makes Pot, judge and Kettle jury. Kettle is the darkness, while his sister Pot, is the light.

Kettle’s blindness fostered an affinity for the dark and night. He is happier at night, and as his powers manifested, the darker the night, the stronger, more agile he becomes. He consorts with an array of nocturnal animals that he has trained for years. In his blindness, Kettle’s attitudes only solidified, unable to see other options.

Pot on the other hand, has always used her blindness as a way to not develop biases. She has learned not to rely on visual impressions, but instead all her other senses and feelings to come to judicious conclusions. Interestingly, all of her senses have greatly improved in support of her use of them, and in response to her evolution.


Name: Grayson Filmore (P), Francis Filmore (K)
Nationality: English
Blood Type: B+
Affiliation: The Generation
Location: Liverpool, England / S.S. Tizona

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