Rainier Cherry

Alliance: MilitaryEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

Rainier Cherry was the pin-up girl ever man wanted to be with. Think of Bettie Page. Too bad she’s no longer real.

You see, the real Rainier Cherry, the human one, that is, was murdered. On a military base. When doing her patriotic duties, entertaining the enlisted, Cherry was attacked and killed by a GI who was dangerously infatuated with her. Rather than let the events and culprit (a very high ranking military official) become public fodder, a cover-up was installed.

One of the U.S. Government’s pet projects was a lifelike holographic projection suit. Rainier Cherry was the culmination of this technology. The hologram, which is light based, lies over the nude human form, mimicking its wearer (with embellishment) based off of small nodes located in various implants under the skin. In certain applications, the wearer is able to “manip” other objects using the same technology, and spare nodes. However, the further the distance traveled form these nodes and the network implanted in the wearer, the weaker the projection becomes until it fades.

Ella Bainbridge, an associate of October French was brought in to “wear” Rainier Cherry. Not only did she fit within the acceptable weight and measurement “window” allowed by the suit’s embellishment, but she was a highly skilled spy.


Name: Ella Bainbridge / “Rainier Cherry” / “Roza Pasternak”
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O-
Affiliation: U.S. Military, CIA. Good acquaintances with October French and Terrence Brand.
Location: Unknown

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