Red Tape

Alliance: CowlEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

Edmond Barrett was once just a boring, by the book Scotland Yard inspector. His idea of fun is drinking tea and watching cricket. Loves sports, hates parties. Thanks to his fantasting upbringing, he gets invited to both.

He met Kitty Clarendon at a fund-raising benefit for a youth athletic club. Edmond was a former member of the club and Kitty a celebrity guest for the event. She was amused by the boring, perfunctory man, who was totally out of place at social events. She saw something to corrupt.

It started off as getting Edmond outside his comfort zone at social gatherings, then petty crimes. He began to compromise his station at Scotland Yard. The severity of their crimes grew, and Edmond would cover them up. They kept getting further and further from their individual sets of mores, from which they would never recover.

Eventually the two married. The ultimate husband and wife of crime.

Edmond has the unusual superpower of over-complication. Controlling and determining probability and telepathic persuasion, Edmond can make any task no matter how simple—even drinking water—an almost impossible matter.


Name: Edmond Barrett
Nationality: English
Blood Type: O-
Affiliation: Husband and partner in crime to Gilty Pleasure
Location: London, England

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