Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Prohibition Party

Rosalie Hannigan was once the understudy to mid-level tri-state area Cape, Rumor. Having identical powers, the two often traded places as Rumor. Together Rumor solved simple crimes like bank robberies, and cold cases. Nothing too major. As the profile of Rumor got bigger, Rosalie’s partner wanted to go her own way, as Rumor. Rosalie suggested a partnership of Rumor & Whisper, but her partner would have none of it.

The two went their separate ways; Rumor into obscurity and Rosalie into the bottom of a brandy snifter. Rosalie spent whatever she could on booze. Using her abilities to read the thoughts of others to entertain at social gatherings, she kept herself comfortably drunk.

At one of these gatherings she met Thurman Woodford. He was charmed, both by her tricks and the woman’s lust for drink. They had much in common. Beside his own passion for alcohol, Woodford has the ability to tell anyone exactly when and how they will die. The two quickly fell into a Bacchanalian love-affair anchored around their mentalist act, Death in the Afternoon.

They were an absolute hit on the tri-state socialite scene, and soon were admitted into the ultra-private Prohibition Party as Hemingway (Woodford) and Sidecar (Hannigan).


Name: Rosalie Hannigan
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O+
Affiliation: The Prohibition Party. In addition, one half of the mentalist act: Death in the Afternoon. Was the understudy (or one half) of the Cape known as Rumor.
Location: Orange Township, NJ.

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