Skeleton Key

Alliance: CowlEpoch: The GenerationFaction: The Bone Collectors

Annabel Potter was born to a tenured history professor and self-accusing occult nut. This made him a black sheep amongst his colleagues, but a darling to his daughter. She certainly absorbed his zeal for the dark, unexplained and horrific. The two were inseparable, much to the chagrin of Annabel’s mother who was mortified at the wretched little girl she had borne.

After her father passed, she set out to pay him tribute with the honourable craft of grave robbing. Eventually cutting a bloody rivalry with two other raiders, Ambrose Telfair and Templeton Grimes.

These three fancied stealing from tombs and sealing them back up, using legerdemain to appear undisturbed. When another amongst them would stumble inward, searching for the spirited away fortunes, a pit of death traps waited for them.

It was a deadly game that claimed countless lives, riches. Yet the three rivals remained. This wistful game of life and death grew to admiration. Eventually The macabre ruffians threw in together, extending their talents, grotesquerie and pageantry to flamboyant, dangerous heights.

In addition to further robberies, the three began to compete in a new game; snatching up innocent people to star in deathtraps of their creation. Points were earned by perceived challenge of victims, and successful executions; pure bloodlust.

Eventually even this seemed trivial to The Bone Collectors and they began to hunt Capes and Cowls to place into their dastardly ambuscades.

Annabel has always had a passion for the spiritual world: ghosts, demons, spirits, etc. and all her traps and crimes focus on such.

She has the ability to detect structural weaknesses of everything, organic or otherwise. This makes her extremely difficult to fool, or trap. It also spells certain doom for anyone in her clutches.


Name: Annabel Potter
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O-
Affiliation: The Bone Collectors
Location: Baltimore, MD


Caleb Kinkaid and H.H. Neville

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