Alliance: CowlEpoch: The GenerationFaction: The Bone Collectors

Templeton was always a cruel boy. He delighted in making good girls squirm. This reputation lasted him through university where the “Young Master Grim” was known as a tormentor, both in his gothic affinity, and his devilishly manipulative charm. The young lad tired of his tricks, and school, and left to go overseas where he ran afoul Annabel Potter. To his dismay, this was a woman whose skin he could not get under, nor a bed within.

Seeking recompense, he threw himself into her profession of grave robbing, something that suited his tastes quite well. This started a bloody rivalry with Annabel Potter and Templeton Grimes also.

These three fancied stealing from tombs and sealing them back up, using legerdemain to appear undisturbed. When another amongst them would stumble inward, searching for the spirited away fortunes, a pit of death traps waited for them.

It was a deadly game that claimed countless lives, riches. Yet the three rivals remained. This wistful game of life and death grew to admiration. Eventually The macabre ruffians threw in together, extending their talents, grotesquerie and pageantry to flamboyant, dangerous heights.

In addition to further robberies, the three began to compete in a new game; snatching up innocent people to star in deathtraps of their creation. Points were earned by perceived challenge of victims, and successful executions; pure bloodlust.

Eventually even this seemed trivial to The Bone Collectors and they began to hunt Capes and Cowls to place into their dastardly ambuscades.

Templeton loves to torment, and has the powers that only makes him more vile. Any sight, sound, smell, or taste (usually of the horrific variety), Templeton can record and employ as a sort of trick, or illusion that fits his prestidigitator whim in order to deceive or even frighten his thralls.


Name: Templeton Grimes
Nationality: Canadian
Blood Type: A+
Affiliation: The Bone Collectors
Location: Baltimore, MD / Toronto, Ontario, CN (formerly)


Caleb Kinkaid and H.H. Neville

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