Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

When Ginerva Blaine was just a girl, she loved a man. A man who could not love her back. For while Gin had excellent breeding, surpassed by her upbringing, and her family’s fortune, she was only of admirable beauty, and not enviable. This rendered her useless to Preston Oxford (The Wingtip).

Intent to win his heart, Gin trained and had mechanical wonders built for her so that she could sweep The Wingtip off his feet, like he had done a woman years ago. For all intents and purposes, she has probably surpassed the man she desires. She’s more capable, intelligent and focused than he. However her infatuation bordering on vicious obsession is a hazard to him, herself and others. It has proved a major obstacle to her career and admission into The Generation.


Name: Ginerva “Gin” Blaine
Nationality: American
Blood Type: AB-
Affiliation: None (officially). Known to be around The Wingtip at most times.
Location: Charleston, SC


Caleb Kinkaid and H.H. Neville

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