Caleb Kinkaid

Co-Creator of Slingback, Zeitgeber & The Bone Collectors

Robbie Lizhini

Co-Creator of The Wingtip

H.H. Neville

Continuity Editor
Creator of… lots
Writer of Nalanda: Part One (featuring Paper Tiger) and more

Calling H.H. Neville a real writer–like his genre of choice–would be fiction. At the rare points that he does manage to write, he fashions his work with visceral visuals, razorblade sharp style and shotgun brutality. He draws equal inspiration from Victorian Era literature, classic fables, Japanese pop-violence, steampunk, anime, grindhouse genres, hip-hop, neon-flavored pop culture, fashion-trends and really cool sneakers. He is, if anything a proponent of style over substance. Who needs plot if it’s pretty?

Greg Rosa

Creator of The Mark
Writer of The Mark 00: A Free Man (featuring The Mark)

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