The Bombshells

Alliance: CowlEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

Three sisters, daughters of an Australian allied forces pilot who had witnessed first hand the death of The Red Baron. Their father continued his career, becoming a very respected pilot. Their dad even became quite good friends with quirky aeronautics enthusiast Howard Hughes, all before retiring to Pacific City, Australia.

This love for flying, was passed down to his daughters at an early age; model airplanes, helping him tinker in his workshop, they learned it all. What he didn’t teach them, they gained in genetics.

The girls would follow in their father’s footsteps, taking to the air as fighter pilots against the Germans. Here, they excelled. A well-decorated career for the three daughters, they returned home heroes, media darlings. Instead of obliging this new role, however, the girls did something truly unexpected, daring: they robbed a bank. With jet-propelled gliders and climbing gear. It was one of the most brash heists ever.

Until their next one. Then the next one.

Many more followed.

Australia couldn’t hold them. They took to heists all around the world, even forming personal rivalries with Wasabi-Stained Sky, Steeplejack and especially The Damsels (who they think are horrible female role-models).


Name: Lindy, Amelia, and Phoebe Erikson
Nationality: Australian
Blood Type: O-
Affiliation: The Bombshells (renowned thieves)
Location: Pacific City, Australia (formerly) / Worldwide

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