The Canary Prince

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

Edwin Boateng was instrumental in the fights for African independence from the British. He served as an important political figure and as the freedom fighter known as Cape Canary.

Boateng developed actual yellow wings (unlike The Wingtip’s artificial ones) in his youth, and learned to use them quite effectively. He also has great resistance to any and all pollutants, natural or otherwise. Defoliants such as napalm or mustard gas have zero effect.

He’d often be seen swooping into battle as an advance scout, and sentinel, and was a divisive  force against his foes in that role. His leant great mobility because of his wings and heavy resistance made him an impossibly difficult soldier to overcome. His legendary feats gained him the nickname, “The Canary Prince.”

After Ghana gained its independence, Boateng became an envoy for his nation in Europe. In his time in the UK, he has come to friendly odds with the nationalistic and brash Kettle.


Name: Edwin Boateng
Nationality: Ghanian
Blood Type: A+
Affiliation: None. Sometimes rival of Kettle
Location: Accra, Ghana / London, England (occasionally)

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