The Choirgirl

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Seraphim

A member of The Seraphim. Kennedy Gardner. Gardner means, in Saxon, a weapon and sound which aptly describes Choirgirl. Kennedy’s voice is a weapon. Her lungs, diaphragm and vocal chords classify her as a post-modern/science hero. She is able to produce extremely high decibel pitched song. This can cause, at its various levels, discomfort, violent headaches, bodily harm, and the destruction of physical property.

Kennedy was taught to sing by her mother, a music professor at The University of New Hampshire. Kennedy was always interested in entertaining and the arts. School plays, church choir, pageants, the like. After high school, Kennedy chased her dreams all the way to Los Angeles, and the UCLA school of theater. Her parents well off, the tuition for the school was easily paid for. Kennedy was allowed to focus on her classes and pursuing roles in community theater and things of the like. She was living her dream. The summer after her freshman year, Kennedy stayed in LA to work some productions with one of her classmates. Halfway through the week long engagement, her classmate disappeared. Not a word, not a trace.

Concerned, Kennedy started to look for her. She had heard that her classmate was working another job to help pay her tuition. An LA showgirl at a burlesque club: The Cat and the Canary. Questioning the club owner, and some of the other girls got her nowhere. Kennedy took the case to the cops, but they sidestepped the nightclub. There was only thing the church choir girl could do, and that was investigate it herself. An attractive young girl, with a real pretty voice, she’d have no trouble getting a job at the club. Her mom wouldn’t approve of her new job, she knew, but she also wouldn’t approve of her standing idly by when she could figure out what happened to her friend.

Kennedy’s stage persona, she took from her own background, The Sultry Choir Girl. She started working only once a week. A girl like her, however, was a hit with the gentlemen. She picked up more and more hours, more and more stage time and all the while, more information on the club. The owner of the night club runs a side business for some of his more affluent clientele. For the clients who can’t control themselves, and need to see the girls go all the way. For no small fee, the club owner will arrange encounters between buyer and the unwitting girls. It was after one of these encounters that Kennedy’s friend disappeared. The more popular the girl, the more frequent these encounters. Unfortunately for Kennedy, she was quite popular.

One evening after her performance, Kennedy was attacked by one of these clients in her changing room. The man brutalised her, smacked her around, tore at her clothes, bound her arms. There was little Kennedy could do but scream. And scream she did; so loud that her attacker’s ears exploded, mirrors shattered; total mayhem.

Kennedy fled back to her dormitory and locked herself away for several days, frightened.  After a week, she received a knock at the door. Raines Abernathy, “The Halo.” He was aware of her friend’s disappearance, the where and the why, and he also knew about Kennedy’s little sting operation, and the attack on her.

Turns out, some of the cops The Halo had been investigating for corruption frequent the Cat and the Canary. One such cop was responsible for the disappearance of Kennedy’s friend. The Halo left, and promised to clean it all up: the club, the club owner, the rumours of her attack, and her subsequent outburst, all of it.


Name: Kennedy Gardner
Nationality: American
Blood Type: AB+
Affiliation: The Seraphim
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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