The Conductor

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

For nearly two and a half decades, the citizens of Seattle need not fear, for they were under the vigilant watch of “The Human Locomotive,” “The Man Who Couldn’t be Stopped,” The Conductor.

In those years, Seattle’s crime rate was tenth lowest in the country, and dropped a total of 144%; the Conductor thwarted several bank robberies, hostage situations and prevented the Space Needle from being blown up twice within the first five. Despite his “unstoppable” abilities, the Conductor was sure to create very little collateral damage.

In this time, he became a beloved member of the community and a local celebrity. He did not shy away from his adoring public, and even attended numerous charity events. When asked to clarify exactly what his “powers” were, he jokingly said “to have captured the heart of my city.”

In truth, his powers could be called “resistance to resistance.” The Conductor takes any resistance (e.g: gravity, or brick walls) and regenerates it as a strength. The greater the resistance, the stronger he becomes. Due to constant gravitational resistance, the Conductor is seemingly impervious to harm, extremely strong (though not superhuman) and extremely fast (the bounds of which have never been tested). This is most commonly demonstrated in his trademark move “The Runaway Train” (as dubbed by local rags): a shoulder block performed at blinding speeds.


Name: Eli Dean January
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O+
Affiliation: None (officially). Constant companion of several members of The Generation. Good friend of Wasabi-Stained Sky.
Location: Seattle, WA


Nalanda: Part One – Referenced
The Man Who Couldn’t Be Stopped – Feature

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