The Damsels

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Ouroboros

Following the collapse of his film career (”The King of Handcuffs Versus the Nazi Terror!” was a terrible film despite commercial success), his dissolved engagement to superstar Julie Lovegood and an overall dip in his popularity, The Ouroboros realised he’d need a new strategy to preserve his status.

Trolling the Atlantic City scene, he stumbled across the mesmerising lounge act, The Damsels. Comprised of two Gram-A-Phone Records execs’ daughters, Sunrise Arkwright, and Melody Risk were forced into music careers at the tender ages of seventeen and eighteen, respectively.

The jailbait gals were as enraptured with the mysterious rogue as he was with them. The three engaged in a torrid love triangle, full of romance, lust and contention. A confirmed love affair with two young (one underage) impressionable girls would have surely spelled doom.

The Damsels as an act never really took off nationally. They became popular along the Eastern Seaboard, but amounted to little more than a minor draw. This was in part because of The Ouroboros’ guidance. No one could deny these girls were budding bombshells of a long-lost tradition, and while singing seemed not to be in their future, he saw something else.

He took the two girls on as wards, training them in both his professions: stage performance and heroing.

The girls were polar opposites. Sunrise was a cool-eyed, raven haired intellectual while Melody was a fiery, brutish blonde. The Ouroboros would capitalise on this greatly. During their Damsels career, the girls were made to mirror each other but The Ouroboros chose to do the opposite. He christened Sunrise Black Tar Heroine and gave her his skills as a trap-maker and inventor. Alternately, Melody became Suicide Blonde and was given skills as an escape artist.


Name: Melody Risk (Blonde), Sunrise Arkwright (Tar)
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O+ (Blonde), O- (Tar)
Affiliation: The Damsels; wards of The Ouroboros, but not members of The Generation
Location: Atlantic City, NJ / Los Angeles, CA

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