The Halo

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: Seraphim

Raines Abernathy was a Tinseltown cop working the beat that eventually became Thai Town. His life was turned upside down as the beat itself changed. His partner was a racist, and as the world changed around him, he lost it. One day, Abernathy’s partner engaged an innocent Thai shop owner. The dispute came to a conclusion with Abernathy’s partner shooting the shop owner. When it came to the IA hearing, Abernathy took the side of the shop owner, condemning not only the actions of his partner, but him as a person as well. This earned him points with the growing Thai community, but damned him with the “boy’s club” inside the LAPD. Working conditions became so terrible that Abernathy resigned from the force. The rookie cop burned through what was left of his salary and the goodwill in the Thai Town neighborhood to set himself up there as a small time PI.

Raines has been described as a goody-two-shoes his whole life. He’s always had a knack for discerning truth from lies, right from wrong. Furthermore, he’s always been a beaming light in the darkness. These skills served him well as a PI as he flawlessly saw through the deception of others. And as most PIs might become jaded wading through all the darkness, Abernathy’s optimism and resolve only hardened. It became a physical manifestation. This “perfect angel” grew a halo; filled with The Holy Spirit. This halo acts as a beacon of hope, as things get metaphorically and actually darker, the halo brightens. It also is able to discern various actualities; a sort of lie detector. Furthermore, Abernathy can utilize the halo as a sort of weapon; creating light-based projectiles and a sort of “flashbang.”


Name: Raines Abernathy
Nationality: American
Blood Type: O+
Affiliation: The Seraphim
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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