“The King of Sweden”

Alliance: CowlEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

The King of Sweden’s a real Prince Charming. The validity of his royal titles are seriously in doubt. Like his cohorts, Minnie the Moocher and A Bloke Named Smokey, he’s an extremely skilled con.

Prior to his days amongst the royal court, he played upright bass in an African-American Harlem jazz band, moonlighted as a Russian playwright and studied under world-clas French vintners.

Or so he says.

The only thing for certain is that “The King of Sweden” loves to sweep women off their feet by turning ordinary objects into golden and silver trinkets. The effects of which last just long enough for him to have his way.


Name: Gustaf “Charmiga”
Nationality: “Swedish”
Blood Type: A+
Affiliation: Minnie The Moocher, A Bloke Named Smokey and “The King of Sweden.”
Location: Stockholm, Sweden (formerly), Moscow, Russia (supoosedly), Paris, France (supposedly) Harlem, NY (formerly), West Egg, NY

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