“The Milkman”

Alliance: MercenaryEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

There isn’t much known about the man (or even if he really is a man) known as “The Milkman.” What is known is that he most frequently appears in Mexicali, San Diego and other parts of southern North America. It is claimed that he speaks fluent English and Mexican Spanish, with an accent favouring the former.

Beyond that, it is understood that he is a vigilante missing persons crime-solver, often out of the goodness of his heart, but at times accepting compensation. He is able to divine unbelievably clear details across a plethora of different crimes with such stark accuracy that it would appear that he committed them, though physical details would make that impossible. Methods thus far unknown. Those that have claimed to have made contact with him claim that he has a unique skill set for solving missing persons cases: with each sip of milk from a missing persons carton, The Milkman is able to spend five minutes with that person. Alive or dead. Sometimes he’s a shoulder to cry on, sometimes he’s gathering clues to pinpoint their location, and sometimes, he’s with them, buried six feet deep.


Name: Unknown
Nationality: Mexican-American
Blood Type: O+
Affiliation: None
Location: San Diego, CA

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