The Remedy

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: The Generation

The woman who fell to Earth. Not literally, but she did literally appear out of nowhere, with no recollection of anything, or anyone. The only impulse left sparking in her brain: The Generation. Words without meaning, or context, she stalked aimlessly, using a peculiar gift of hers. Not every time, but sometimes and even often—as if by luck—she could heal any wound, sometimes through an understanding of sciences to do so, and sometimes just by laying hands.

This invaluable skill drew her a following, people who would wander aimlessly behind her as if some sort of modern day god. As news of the all-healing amnesiac spread, Capes became aware of her, and around them, she finally felt some semblance of home. She swore off her followers, and threw in with the Capes. Eventually they would form The Generation; a prophecy fulfilled.

Little is actually understood about her powers. Speculation is that she has the ability to “fix” or “heal” things based off probability and chance. Because of this, she adopted the name Lucky Castor. A warm-hearted, compassionate person, acting as a loyal companion to her teammates, she is also speckled with a sense of longing and confusion when it comes to herself. As if a piece of her is missing. Agreeable to a fault, never wanting to step on toes or make someone feel out of place, derived from her immense desire to belong.


Name: “Lucky Castor”
Nationality: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Affiliation: The Generation
Location: S.S. Tizona

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