Tunnel Vision

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

Kayla Sterling was known as the “Silver Stave” in her native region of British Columbia; an up and coming juniors archery talent with her whole future ahead of her, and an eye on gold, not silver. It was her singular focus, nothing else mattered.

One day while on the way to an archery meet, the bus is smashed into by a mack truck and run off the road. It’s a calculated effort by kidnappers to take Kayla’s teammate, Purity Pelham, who is an heiress to a canned fish fortune.

The rich teen girl knows exactly what’s coming, fakes a hand injury—unable to pull back a bowstring—and enlists Kayla (one of the only girls left conscious, and best on the team) to distract the kidnappers while she flees.

Disoriented, Kayla agrees. She grabs her gear and starts laying cover shots at the assailants. She grievously hits one, but otherwise fails. Purity is captured, and Kayla taken for vengeance.

While held hostage, the stubborn girls eventually seize an opportunity to escape. Again, it comes down to Kayla having to rescue Purity. She flees, but Purity is captured. Eventually Purity convinces her father and the police to go back for the girl who saved her life.

The effort is a little late. While Kayla was left alive, she wasn’t much better off. Amongst other injuries, irreparable damage was done to her left eye, making he effectively blind in it.

This devastated the young girl who now lacked the depth perception to do what her entire seventeen years had been all about. For an entire year, Kayla slipped into a deep sadness. At some point heading toward year two, a present was delivered to the young girl. In it was a list of names, “those responsible for what happened.” Also was a full mask with a scope she could harness to he face. This could be sighted in at different distances to compensate for her ruined depth perception, depending on the shot she’s needed to make. She could finally shoot again, and she did. At the corrupt people on the list responsible for her injuries, and apparently a whole lot worse. The kingpin behind it all… Purity Pelham’s own father.

She spent the next several years tracking him and the others, and taking them out, even eventually taking down Purity’s father.

Now with her scope (which has actually improved her sight at least ten fold) and a bow outfitted with lens/scope clusters to make use in night and various other spectrums possible, she’s continuing her mission against organised crime with the same single-mindedness she’s always had.

Recently things have become a little… disastrous as Purity herself has assumed her father’s throne (which was perhaps what the rich girl wanted all along), but Purity was Kayla’s only friend while she was in the hospital and self-imposed house-arrest. What does the future hold for the two former friends?


Name: Kayla Sterling
Nationality: Canadian
Blood Type: O+
Affiliation: None
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Caleb Kinkaid and H.H. Neville

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