Wasabi-Stained Sky

Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: None

Abe Eiiji (pronounced “Ah-bey”) was born in San Francisco to Japanese parents, but was relocated to internment camps in Salinas.

After internment, his mother moved the two siblings up to Seattle, in the remnants of the old Japantown where they were reunited with their father, and settled.

As the Japanese identity faded—replaced with the growing “Chinatown”—Abe found himself identifying with three cultures, his Japanese heritage, his American birth rights, and the growing Chinese influence.

This mix instilled in him, a love of fireworks. Something he quickly excelled in.

After a series of incidences he began to use his rocket pack and other non-lethal fireworks (noise makers, flash bangs, hot packs and blunt projectiles) to disable and apprehend criminals. Abe became a beloved folk hero in Chinatown. Their protector. The people loosely dubbed him, “Wasabi-Stained Sky” because of the haze of green his rocket pack left in his wake.

Over time, Abe—who never used a secret identity—began to befriend the town’s other hero, The Conductor, as well as the man behind the mask, Eli Dean January.

When Hampton Means came headhunting Seattle’s heroes, he was mostly after The Conductor, but, the policies would have also affected Abe. Much against his wishes, January and his family convinced Abe to relocate to his birthplace of San Francisco.

Back in San Francisco, Abe, now referring to himself as Wasabi-Stained Sky, and concealing his identity, carries out his mission to protect immigrants in a new home.


Name: Abe “Abe” Eiiji
Nationality: Japanese-American
Blood Type: O+
Affiliation: None (officially). Common ally of The Generation and many of its members.
Location: San Francisco, CA / Seattle, WA (formerly).

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