Alliance: CapeEpoch: The GenerationFaction: The Generation

“The Ghost Who Runs.” Has ring, will travel. A German soldier that Updike Hailey met during the war. Had the chance to kill Steeplejack, but let him go. Framed as a dissident, and chased out of Germany by death squads, he fled to the U.S. to find Hailey—now calling himself Steeplejack.

The two men weren’t enough to keep the death squads from their target; they dealt Kaspar what would be a fatal blow. Now amount of tinkering from Steeplejack nor healing from The Remedy could return Kaspar to normal, instead they cobbled him into a pre-modern android.

Zeitgeber is kept functioning via a gear that he wears as a ring. It is used to wind what is essentially a life-support system hidden away inside a grandfather clock. He can wind it just enough to normalise his health or he can overclock it, giving him superhuman speed, and time-manipulation abilities.

Currently lives with Steeplejack in his Denver workshop.


Name: Kaspar Snell
Nationality: German
Blood Type: A+
Affiliation: The Generation
Location: Denver, CO / East Germany (formerly) / S.S. Tizona


Caleb Kinkaid and H.H. Neville

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